Dr. Patrick Carney & Associates

Dr. Patrick Carney, C.Psych. (Registered Psychologist)

Psychological Counselling and Therapy

Dr. Patrick Carney & Associates provide services for adults and youth experiencing personal life challenges or difficulties with anxiety, depression, and various mental health disorders.

We are able to provide virtual counselling and psychotherapy safely, using secure video technology.

We also specialize in treating many forms of stress such as pandemic fatigue, burnout and PTSD.

We use emotion-focused, cognitive and behavioural (CBT) therapeutic strategies, with an emphasis on positive psychology versus a strictly, deficit-oriented approach. 

I look forward to discussing your goals for optimal mental health and well-being with you.

For service request please complete the confidential Contact page on this website or call 705-487-5359 and leave a phone number, and time-frame when you can be reached.

*You may be asked to leave a message for phone inquiry call-back.